Title Unity Engineer
Categories Engineering
Location Los Angeles, CA
Job Information

Seismic Games is seeking a clever, capable, and motivated Unity Engineer to help build the next generation of games.

Seismic Games’ engineering teams are comprised of top-notch game engineers who thrive on the love of gaming. Teams at Seismic are structured to allow everyone to be a major contributor to the game they are helping define, build, and ship. Our intent is to bring together a best-of-class team to tackle an array of differentiated and interesting mobile and VR games. Our creative department and executive management have long, significant experience delivering well-reviewed AAA+ titles in the PC and console markets, and they are bringing that experience into the mobile and VR gaming space.


* Being smart, dedicated, self-motivated, positive, friendly, and ready to learn and teach
* Rapidly gathering, understanding, prototyping, and creating effective solutions for complex requirements
* Working effectively and proactively in a team environment with tight deadlines and baffling challenges
* Utilizing leading-edge tools and systems
* Understanding and being able to troubleshoot, diagnose, and analyze complex systems
* Producing clean, concise, expressive, and well-managed code
* Excitedly working with new and upcoming technologies in mobile, VR, AR, mixed-reality, and beyond
* Fulfilling the needs of art and design teams to ensure their efficient progress
* Adopting the latest trends and technologies in the field


* Unity, Visual Studio, and C#
* C++, Objective-C, and Java
* Windows and OSX
* iOS, Android, and PC
* Perforce, Jenkins, and JIRA


* Over 3 years experience working as a game engineer
* Involvement in several high-quality game experiences with at least one shipped title in a meaningful role

The ideal candidate also has experience with, knows, and understands several of:

* Render pipelines, shaders, compute, and other GPU technologies
* Physics, determinism, 3d math, and linear algebra
* Optimization, systems architecture, profiling, tooling, and reporting
* Artificial intelligence, machine learning, procedural content, and emergent gameplay
* Scripting languages, dynamic behavior, parsers, and compilers

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